Visiting Austin


Years ago when people talked about Austin they would quickly mention the music. But that's just the beginning of what they're saying these days. Austin is also home to a wonderful ballet, world-class museums, one-of-a-kind shopping and beautiful outdoor spaces. You can just as easily spend your morning paddling the lake as you can strolling through a celebrated history museum. And it's okay if you don't have time to fit it all in, you can just come back and visit us again. 



 History_thumb Attractions
Austin is home to unique attractions and world-class museums.
 Nightlife_thumb Nightlife
Discover your favorite spot in the Live Music Capital of the World®.
 Arts_thumb Diverse Austin
Austin plays to a diverse population of cultures, political leanings and lifestyles.
 Shopping_thumb Shopping
Find something that speaks to you while browsing Austin's unique shops.
Outdoors_thumb Outdoors
If you love to be outside, you're in good company. Here's where all the outdoor fun is happening.
 Golf_thumb Golf
Austin's the ideal location for year-round golfers.
Cycling_thumb Cycling
What you need to know before you hit the pavement in this bike-friendly city.
 Festivals_thumb Festivals
From ACL to SXSW and everything in between - this is your guide to Austin's favorite fests.
Arts_thumb Arts
Check out our diverse arts scene and become a part of Austin's creative spirit.
 History_thumb History
Explore Austin's rich history at these engaging museums and attractions.
 Tours_thumb Tours
Historical, walking, segway...choose how you see the city.
 Cycling_thumb Hill Country
Austin is the gateway to 14,000 square miles of Hill Country.
 Formula 1_thumb Motorsports
Rev up for a full calendar of racing in Austin.